Asset Management
“Logtek work hard on bespoke Asset Management processes for your returnable transit packaging - so you don't have to!"
Asset management title Asset management title Asset management title
Right first time
Right First Time
Contracting the Logtek team of asset management experts to manage your (RTP) ensures that you have the correct quantity of equipment at the right location, clean, serviceable and on time.
Reduces costs
Reduces Costs
Executed well, asset management saves time and reduces costs. Logtek is able to minimise the quantity of equipment needed to fulfil your logistics needs without the risk of running short, allowing you to get on with your core business activity.
Plan budget
Complete Control
Lintracker, the software behind efficient asset tracking, provides complete control of your RTP. The system is used at all key touch points in the supply chain to record the movement of all assets including trays, bulk boxes, pallets, roll cages, etc. It can be combined with RFID technology or barcoding.
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Benefits of lintracker software
Lintracker benefit1
Easy to Use
Lintracker benefit2
Intuitive, modern, clean interface
Lintracker benefit3
Can be licensed for clients to use themselves
Lintracker benefit4
Handles any type of reusable items e.g trays, pallets, dollies, roll cages
Lintracker benefit5
Multi-language enabled
Lintracker benefit6
Runs on Microsoft PCs, Apple IOS and Android
Lintracker benefit7
Interfaces with ERP, WMS Systems
Lintracker benefit8
IE / Firefox / Chrome and Safari compliant
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