Maxinest® trays
Ventilated produce tray manufactured in polypropylene, suitable for direct food contact.
Maxinest® configuration
External dimensions:
600 x 400 x 199mm
Internal dimensions:
546 x 349 x 172mm
Stacked height:
186mm (incremental height of stacked trays)
Nested height:
46mm (a 76% space saving when nested)
35 litres
1.7 Kg
Maximum loading:
16 Kg unit load (stacks to 10 high carrying max load)
Operating instructions
Securely stacks on bale-arms and nests with the arms pushed back. Rotate bale-arms inward for stacking and outward to nest. Bale arms can be a little stiff when new, but soon wear in. A useful feature of Maxinest®’s bale-arms is that they allow slide stacking, which makes stacking loaded trays much easier above waist height. End stops prevent users from over-sliding trays. Comfortable, ergonomically designed, hand-holds allow safe and secure lifting and carrying. Trays should only be lifted by the hand-holds, never by bale arms.
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General information about Maxinest®
Award-winning Maxinest® is the UK’s leading range of RTP (Returnable Transit Packaging) for food and grocery distribution. From field or food manufacturer to retail point-of-sale Maxinest® protects, maintains quality and promotes hygiene for fresh and frozen fruit, vegetables, prepackaged meats, fish, prepared meals and many other grocery items.
  • Strong and secure; Maxinest® trays stack ten high carrying a 16 Kg unit load - a combined load of 160 Kg.
  • Working temperature range from -30ºC to +60ºC (depending on loading and use), trays can be used throughout the production process and in freezer and deep chill storage.
  • Ventilated sides promote air flow to speed cooling and help to maintain a constant temperature.
  • Trays can be washed in temperatures up to +85ºC.
  • Space saving on the return trip; empty trays nest by 76% of their original height.
  • Speeding up supply chain operations; Maxinest® trays feature comfortable and secure hand-holds for manual handling and are compatible with most automated handling equipment.
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