Universal Dolly
800 x 600mm dolly fitted with load retaining pop-ups, two fixed wheels & two (swivel) castors, a foot brake and a flip-out extension for carrying nested attached-lid containers.
Universal Dolly configuration
800 x 600 x 171mm
9.7 Kg
Maximum loading:
500 Kg uniformly distributed load
Operating instructions
For safety, operators should always be able to see over the top of the stacked crates when pushing a dolly. The optional clip-on handle is quick and easy to attach and remove. It enables users to pull (instead of push) loaded dollies, allowing the dolly to be loaded to greater heights and the operator to inspect before moving out into aisles in the warehouse, factory or retail store.
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General information about Universal Dolly
The Universal Dolly helps retailers, food processors and industrial manufacturers to ease and speed up handling operations throughout the supply chain.
  • Dollies are ideal for retail operations to transport produce from distribution centre to in-store point of sale.
  • 800 x 600mm footprint make them ideal for stock replenishment.
  • Popular choice for manufacturers, where its compact size makes it an ideal platform for JIT deliveries and in-house handling operations.
  • Manufactured from polypropylene, it safely carries loads of up to 500kg.
  • Each dolly is equipped with 14 spring-loaded pop-ups, which safely retain trays and containers with a variety of base sizes.
  • Incorporates two fixed wheels & two (swivel) castors, a foot brake, clover leaf recesses to stack safely when empty and a unique flip-out extension for carrying nested attache dlid containers (which have an oversized footprint when nested).
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