847 litre Magnum Optimum
Magnum Optimum is Europe’s leading folding large container for bulk handling and distribution. It is stronger, lighter and folds flatter than all competitors.
Magnum Optimum
847 litres
External dimensions:
1200 x 1000 x 975
Internal dimensions:
1140 x 940 x 790
Folded height:
51 Kg
Maximum loading:
750 Kg unit load
Combined load:
3200 Kg when stacked
Operating instructions
Magnum Optimum should only be stacked on a flat level surface. Care must be taken to ensure that they are correctly stacked before placing another unit on top. Magnum Optimums can be accessed by fork lift vehicle from all four sides. When using pallet ‘pump’ trucks, care should be taken that the truck wheels are not resting on the runners when raising the unit as this can cause the runners to detach or break.
To open, folding doors need to be first pushed (a swift inward push with both hands), then lifted and rotated outward. Units can be folded from a single standing position; blue catches release short sides first, then long sides simply fold on top.
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General information about Magnum Optimum Hopper
Magnum Optimum carries unit loads of up to 750 Kg and combined loads of up to 3,200 Kg when stacked
  • Its light weight reduces fuel costs and it folds to only 295mm when empty, allowing users to transport more units on the return trip - leading to further reductions in transport costs.
  • Can be assembled and folded from a single standing position.
  • Drop-doors allow easy access for loading and emptying.
  • Runners are compatible with both pallet racking and conveyors.
  • Fork entry guides ease and speed fork lift access, helping to prevent accidental damage.
  • Drain holes prevent water retention if stored outside.
  • Identification options include drop-in label holders and recessed areas for permanent labelling.
  • All parts are easily replaced if damaged
  • Can be fully recycled at the end of its long service life.
  • Lids available.
  • Optiframe collars increase height in increments of 105mm.
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